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Reference Sources for the Family History of
Ralph Carlton WITCRAFT

About These Sources : While the following list is believed to be the most relevant/reliable, new sources, corrections and additions are welcomed. These should be directed to the author, Terry J. Booth, at email address

1.   Anderson, Robert Charles Editor, many NEHGR contributors,  The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England, 1620-33,  (Published in a continuing series of volumes by the New England Genealogical and Historical Society, the first three online to members at 
2.   Appleton, W. S.,  The Badcock Family of Massachusetts,  (Available in 'Families & Local Histories' section.) 
3.   Arnold, James N.,  Vital Record of Rehoboth, Bristol Co., Massachusetts, 1642-1896,  (Narragansett Historical Publishing Co.; Providence, RI; 1897. See also Search & Research Publishing Corp CD "Early Vital Records of Bristol County, Massachusetts to about 1850"; Wheat Ridge, CO; 1998) 
4.   Atwood, Elijah Francis,  Ye Atte Wode Annals,  (Atwood publishing Co., Sisseton, SD, June 1928) 
5.   Austin, John,  Mayflower Pilgrim Family Genealogies through Five Generations (Volume Six, Second Edition - Stephen Hopkins),  (General Society of Mayflower Descendants; Plymouth MA; 1995) 
6.   Bacon, John Dean and Dow P.,  Bacon and Allied Families, a family directory; truly a cross section of America, plus families in Scotland, England Etc.,  (Murray & Gee; Culver City CA; 1958; 370 pages, illus.) 
7.   Barclay, Rachel E.,  The Family of Samuel Bartlett3 of Duxbury, Mass.,  (The American Genealogist, Vol. 37, 1961) 
8.   Behling, Susanne Lucretia "Sam,"  Register Reports by Sam Behling,  (Found at URL "". Contains NEHGR style register reports for numerous Surnames including Booth, Waite, Hoskins, Marbury and others. The information was collected over a 30 year period by a demanding genealogist, are are believed supported by substantial original source documents such as NEHGR and TAG articles, Family Genealogies, wills etc) 
9.   Booth, LaVerne Pagel; edited by Booth, Terry J [],  Frederich Pagel and Descendants Archive,  (An archive of vital records, photographs, notes and other materials relating to LaVerne Booth and her relatives, most of whom had some association with Manitowoc, Sheboygan and Calumet Co.'s of Wisconsin.) 
10.   Booth, Terry J.,  Booth Family Archive of Books, Documents and Other Records,  (An archive of materials collected and compiled over many years by members of the Terry J and Carol Witcraft Booth family. Information, inquires and corrections can be sent to 
11.   Booth, Terry J.,  Booth and Witcraft Family Archive of Books, Documents and Other Records,  (An archive of materials collected and compiled over many years by members of the Terry J and Carol Witcraft Booth family. Information, inquires and corrections can be sent to 
12.   Booth, Terry J.,  Comment, notes and related reference sources are included with this person's database file.,  (Notes for this person, including sometimes lengthy text, and a statement(s) of their source(s), will be found in the 'Notes' and/or 'details' sections of their database entry.) 
13.   Brown, Coralynn - email,  Thomas Hubbard Tree,  (Found at Primary source is Edward Warren Day; '1000 Years of Hubbard History, 866 to 1895'; Harlan Page Hubbard, New York; 1895. A credible tree of the early Hubbards, marred only by reciting the myth that Thomas Hubbard was Thomas Higbee (but at least the difference in last names is clearly noted). Good references for James, Samuel and Ruth.) 
14.   Carpenter, Amos B.,  A Genealogical History of the Rehoboth Branch of the Carpenter Family in America as Brought Down from Their English Ancestors (also known as the 'Carpenter Memorial'),  (Carpenter & Morehouse; Amherst MA; 1898) 
15.   Chrisman, Lonnie (,  Chrisman Pedigree,  (A large searchable internet database containing a genealogy of many Chrisman and related families, including a large number of source notes. Many of this family descend from George Morton, who arrived in Plymouth in 1623 on the 'Anne', whose information can also be found on NEHGR's 'Great Migration' database. The Chrisman Pedigree is found at 
16.   Christensen, Ernest H, The Probable Parentage of Stephen Hopkins of the Mayflower,  (Christensen's article appeared in The American Genealogist 79 (2004); Pages 241-249. A synopsis of the article can be found on Caleb Johnson's great website.) 
17.   Church of Later Day Saints - Family History Website,  LDS International Genealogical Index,  (Record submitted by an LDS member with no source indicated. It should be regarded as requiring further proof. Found at 
18.   Conant, Frederick Odell M.A.,  A History and Genealogy of the Conant Family in England and America : thirteen generations, 1520-1887,  (Privately Printed; Portland ME; 1887. Available online at 'Family & Local Histories.') 
19.   Conroy, Henry S.,  Family Records in the Possession of Henry S. Conroy,  (A variety of statements and other materials gathered from family members, as posted on the website tree, db=conroyh (full URL = Site shows address as 2330 Cristina Ave, Sierra Vista, AZ, USA, 85635, email 
20.   County Clerk and/or State Department of Health,  Certificate of Marriage,  (Copy of original document filed with appropriate county or state agency. Number and other details of certificate should be noted in the reference line of the citation.) 
21.   County Clerk in County of Birth,  Certificate of Birth,  (Location of the Birth Certificate to be noted in citation details.) 
22.   County Clerk of the County of Death,  Certificate of Death,  (County and State where the Death Certificate was issued to be noted in the details.) 
23.   County Clerk or State Department of Health,  Certificate of Death,  (Issued by an approved governmental department. The County, State and exact location should be indicated in the notes accompanying the source.) 
24.   County Clerk or State Health Department,  Certificate of Marriage,  (Copy of original document filed with appropriate county or state agency. Number and other details of certificate to be noted in reference line.) 
25.   County Clerks,  Van Buren Co MI Marriage Records,  (Online records for Van Buren Co. Marriages at 
26.   County or State Vital Records Source,  IGI Individual Record,  (Extracted birth or christening record for the locality listed in the record. The source records are usually arranged chronologically by the birth or christening date. Details of citation may give source.) 
27.   Crow, James Homer,  Short Stories of the Jacob Crow Family,  (Self-published, about 1980. from the Preface: To recall the story my father gave verbally to my brothers so the story of the Crow Massacre and many others could be read at the first Crow Reunion in 1929 . . To place on record several other stories pertaining to the clan . . To bring up to the present date 1980, the Crow History . . Can be found on microfilm in the LDS library.) 
28.   Cutter, William Richard,  New England Families Genealogical and Memorial : Genealogical and biographical essays on nearly 1,000 New England families,  (Series 1. A standard reference for anyone doing research on early New England families.) 
29.   Daniels, Almon E. and MacLean W. McLean, Edited by Anne Borden Harding,  William Gifford of Sandwich MA,  (Various issues of NEHGR, 1974 thru 1980. Found in Vol.s 128 (1974), 129 (1975), 131 (1977) and 134 (1980).) 
30.   Daughters of the American Revolution, National Society of,  Lineage Books of the charter members of the Daughters of the American Revolution,  (Published by the D.A.R., Washington DC. Over 150 volumes containing the names and pedigree for each approved application. Over 200,000 women have now qualified, and perhaps 200 volumes of records have been published. Sets of the books may be found in may libraries.) 
31.   Davis, William T.,  Genealogical Register of Plymouth Families,  (Boston, MA: Damrell & Upham, 1899) 
32.   Eberhart, Edith Whitcraft - Researched, Compiled and Published by,  A Branch of the Flitcraft, Whitcraft, Witcraft and Allied Families who came to America during the Colonial Period.,  (Beltsville, Maryland : E.W. Eberhart, 1995; Baltimore [Maryland] : Gateway Press. 176 Pages.) 
33.   Family Members, dates transcribed by Volunteers,  Cemetery Records, West Finley Cemetery, Washington Co., PA,  (Transcriptions of all the cemetery markers have been placed online courtesy of Karen Hucko. Care must be used with the transcriptions, as while the dates appear appropriate, some of the attributions of spouses - which don't appear on the gravestone - are in error. For instance, Benjamin's wife Mary Lee is mistakenly identified as the wife of his brother William, even though William's wife died 10 years earlier.) 
34.   Faunce, James Freer,  The Faunce Family,  (Akron, Ohio) 
35.   Finney, Howard Sr.,  Finney-Phinney Families in America,  (William Byrd Press, Inc; Richmond VA; 1957) 
36.   Flitcraft, William and Betty; and Clendinneng, Teresa L. [Truax],  History of the Flitcraft Family,  (Privately published; Elkhart, Indiana; April 1980. A word document of their work with additions by Teresa Clendenning is found @ A portion of the text is found at 
37.   Hodge, Harriet W. and Wakefield, Robert S., FASG,  Mayflower Families through Five Generations : Volume 21, Family of John Billington,  (General Society of Mayflower Descendants; 2001; Plymouth MA 02360) 
38.   Holzschuh, Joan Pagel,  Pagel Family Tree_8_08_2008,  (A careful genealogy created by Joan Pagel Holzschuh, dau of Lawrence 'Larry' Pagel of Brillion, Calumet Co., WI. The large data file was created largely from family records and information obtained at family gatherings, greatly benefitted by a direct association with many of the Pagel descendants still living in or near Calumet Co. WI.) 
39.   Hyde, William & Conard, Howard L.,  Encyclopedia of the history of St. Louis : a Compendium of history and biography for ready reference,  (Southern History Company; St. Louis; 1899.) 
40.   Irish, Willis Luther and Irish, Stella Bertha Putnam,  Descendants of John Irish the Immigrant 1629 - 1965 and Allied Families,  (Dingley Press; Freeport ME; 1964. Found in the 'Families and Local Histories' library.) 
41.   Johnson, Caleb H.,  Mayflower web site.,  (Found at A real treasure, this is the best website to visit for anyone interested in learning about each of the original 102 passengers on the Mayflower, the early years in Plymouth, the 1st Thanksgiving, etc. The Passenger index page at is great for finding a short bio on every Mayflower passenger.) 
42.   Johnson, Caleb H.,  The True Origins of Mayflower Passenger Stephen Hopkins,  (Appeared in The American Genealogist, Vol. 73 (1998); Pages 161-171. A synopsis of the article can be found on Caleb Johnson's great website.) 
43.   Johnson, Caleb,  The Probable English Origin of Mayflower Passenger Peter Browne, and His Association with Mayflower Passenger William Mullins: With New Information on William Mullins and His Association With Later New England Immigrants Stockdale Coddington and Christopher Hussey.,  (The American Genealogist, Vol.79; Pages161-178. A synopsis of the article can be found on Caleb Johnson's website, 
44.   Johnson, Nellie Willard,  The Descendants of Robert Burdick of Rhode Island,  (The Syracuse Typesetting Co., Inc. Syracuse, N.Y., 1937) 
45.   Jordan, John W.,  A history of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, and its people,  (Lewis Historical Publishing Co.; NY; 1914. Online in 'Family & Local Histories' library. Many records are from Quaker sources.) 
46.   Lee, J[ohn]. N[ewton].,  Memoranda of the Lees and Cognate Families--for three hundred years back--gathered chiefly from family sources,  (Waukegan, Illinois : Dekay Brothers, 1898; 47 pages. A short but honest and credible book about the descendants of George Lee and Jennette Dinsmore, who were the author's grandparents. Two of George Lee's daughters (Mary and Jane, who were Aunts of the author) married sons of Isaac Lucas (Benjamin and Berridge) and a third (Hannah) married a grandson of Isaac Lucas (John Templeton Lucas son of John Lucas and his first wife Polly Templeton) - the children and grandchildren of each of these marriages are identified and traced. The author, John Newton Lee, was b. 1828, son of William Lee who was brother to Mary 'Polly' Lee, wife of Benjamin Lucas. The short book was compiled from 'family sources', no doubt Bibles given the religious tradition of the family.) 
47.   Lucas, Isaac,  Last Will and Testament,  (Isaac Lucas's Will was written on 25 Match 1841 and received and recorded by William Workman, Register for the probate of Wills and granting letters of administration for Washington Co., PA. The three page document identifies "my sons John, Ezra, Daniel, Benjamin, Berridge, William and David." It also directs his sons John and Berridge to donate a five acre plot of land for a burying ground (what is now West Finley Cemetery) as well as a stone school house to be used as a place of worship. Along with the will is filed a separate sale of 325 acres of Isaac's land to his son Berridge for three thousand dollars, the amount to be equally divided among all seven of Isaac's sons (including Berridge).) 
48.   Lucas, James Llewellyn,  Thomas Lucas of Plymouth, Massachusetts, 1650-1678 and His Descendants.,  (Written and published by James Llewllyn Lucas, 84 Bolton St., Hamden CT 06518. email Available as word document with Excel file, and as a pdf document. It is an invaluable resource for all of the early Lucas families in Plymouth Co. and elsewhere in Massachusetts, relying a great deal on town vital records, cemetery records, and some family documents.) 
49.   Lucas, John,  Last Will and Testament,  (Written 18 Dec 1846, shortly before he died. Recorded inthe records of Washington Co., Pennsylvania. Calls himself John Lucas of West Finley, Washington Co. PA. All his personal and real estate to his [3rd] wife Elizabeth.who was executrix. At her death the estate to be equally divided 'among my eight children John T. Lucas, Jane Sutherland, Thomas B Lucas, Isaac Lucas, Mary J Lucas, Ruth Anna Lucas, William B Lucas and Hannah L. Lucas, with the exception that of ten dollars which I will to Daniel Sutherland husband of my daughter Lydia.'[Lydia d. before her father]) 
50.   Lucas, Mary Lee and the Attorneys for the Children of Mary and Benjamin Lucas,  Deed of Land Sale and Washington Co., PA Deed Index by Grantor.,  (Washington Co., Pennsylvania Court House.) 
51.   Martin, David Kendall,  The Children of Nathaniel4 and Alice (Hackett) Richmond of Taunton, MA,  (Published in TAG (The American Genealogist); Vol. 79 (Jan/Apr 2004), pages 82-84.) 
52.   McCoy, Jennifer,  McCoy Family Tree,  ( tree containing McNea, McNay and McGaughey. Some records from Ethel Mae McCONNELL in Boston Transcript and from David Bier Gettysburg Historical Society. Found at db=jennifermccoy, email is 
53.   McNaughton, Yvonne,  Jemimah Babcock Line - Partial Download from 'Moms File',  ('Moms File' is Listed on (db=dolores). As of 5 Jan 2006 it contained over 5,500 individiuals, each well documented. Contacts: Author/File Keeper Yvonne McNaughton, the site was at one time maintained by Adrienne Kramer, apparently now deceased. Yvonne discovered that Stephen Waite's wife Rebecka Babcock was named in her father John Babcock's will - John in turn is found in the Mayflower Flower Families volume 18/3 as the son of Mayflower dau Jemima Spooner and George Badcock.) 
54.   McNay, William Harold and Edna Holmes McNay,  Descendants of John and Hannah McElnay (McNay),  (Kerrville Texas; 1980. Self published, material was deposited in the Greenfield Public Library, Adair Co., IA. It is available on microflim from the LDS Library, but it is a dark copy with print through. The Greenfield Public Library can xerox a clean copy by writing them ($.10 per page).) 
55.   Merrick, Barbara Lambert & Alicia Crane Williams,  Middleborough, Massachusetts Vital Records, 2 vols.,  (Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants; 1986 - Transcribed from early volumes of .Mayflower Descendants' Journal. Also found in various internet databases containing vital records from Massachusetts and other towns, including Middleborough, such as 
56.   Morrison, Leonard Allison,  Among the Scotch-Irish : and a tour in seven countries, in Ireland, Wales, England, Scotland, France, Switzerland, and Italy : With History of Dinsmore Family,  (Damrel & Upham; Boston MA; 1891. Dinsmore genealogies in Chapter XVI, pages 19-40. Contains a reasonably accurate genealogy of the various sons of Adam Dinsmore b.1765 in County Antrim Ireland - the children immigrated to York Co. and elsewhere in Pennsylvania. Available online as an 'Family & Local Histories' title.) 
57.   Osbore, John Osbourne,  The Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island, Comprising Three Generations of Settlers Who Came Before 1690.,  (Rev. ed. Baltimore, 1969.) 
58.   Pagel, Marty,  Pagel Family Tree,  (His posting is found on the 'Pagels of the World' website @ (visible as of 8/12/2008). Most of the other Pagel families on the page do not appear to be the same line.) 
59.   Parrot, Pauline Young,  Our Lucas Family and Steps to the Mayflower,  (A family genealogy prepared by Pauline Young Parrott, gr grand-dau of Mary Lucas and William Brown McNay of Greenfield IA. Contains 50 numbered pages. Available from the LDS library on microfim (film #1846157), the film was badly copied since the book was typed on thin paper and all pages have an image from the page below that often makes the top page near unreadable. But the book has invaluable information about Mary Lucas, her father Benjamin and his family, and her grandfather Isaac and his family.) 
60.   Richmond, Joshua Bailey,  The Richmond Family,  (Boston; 1897. Affectionately referred to by many Richmond family genealogists as 'JBR' (for the author's initials), it holds great weight for any descendant. A pdf copy of the book, and other Richmond history, is available at the Richmond Family website, URL = 
61.   Roberts, Clarence V.,  Early Friends families of upper Bucks : with some account of their descendants, historical and genealogical information about their descendants,  (The author; Philadelphia PA; 1925. Online in 'Family and Local Histories' library.) 
62.   Roberts, Gary Boyd,  Genealogies of Mayflower Families from the New England Historical and Genealogical Register,  (Genealogical Publishing Co.; Baltimore MD; 1985. Three Volumes.) 
63.   Roser, Susan E.,  Mayflower Births & Deaths; From the Files of George Ernest Bowman, at the Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants,  (1992, 2 Volumes. Encompasses all the vital records of the descendants of the Mayflower passengers as found in the research files of the renowned genealogist and editor of The Mayflower Descendant, George Ernest Bowman (1860-1941), "the largest documented manuscript resource on Mayflower genealogy.") 
64.   Roser, Susan E.,  Mayflower Increasings,  (2nd. ed., 1996) 
65.   Rounds, H. L. Peter Transcriber; Jane Fletcher Fiske & Margaret F. Costello Editors,  Vital Records of Swansea, Massachusetts to 1850,  (New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston, 1992) 
66.   Savage, James,  Gen. Dictionary of the Early Settlers of New England,  (Published 1860-1862, in 4 volumes, it is a monumental work that forms the backbone of any initial research into early NE families. It has several times been made available on the internet, scanned by Robert Kraft, the current website being 
67.   Sherman, Robert M. Compiler,  Vital Records of Marshfield, Plymouth, MA - To the year 1850.,  (Picton Press, Camden, Me. (1969)) 
68.   Shurtleff, Nathaniel B. (M.D.), Editor,  Records of Plymouth Colony: Births, Marriages, Deaths, Burials, and Other Records, 1633-1689,  (Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.; Baltimore, MD; 1997. Reprinted with "Plymouth Colony Vital Records," a Supplement from _The Mayflower Descendant_ by George Ernest Bowman) 
69.   Spooner, Thomas,  Records of William Spooner of Plymouth, MA & his descendants,  (Press of F.W. Freeman; Cincinnati OH; 1883. Vol. I, with a Volume II apparently (and unfortunately) never published.) 
70.   Stevens, Clara Swain & Birch, Clara B. (Reeves),  The Reeves Family : Walter Reeve of Burlington Co., NJ,  (Stanley Vraig; Merchantville NJ. Online in 'Family & Local Histories' library.) 
71.   Stewart, Sheila,  The Pulsifer Family of Maine,  (1030 Castlefield Ave. Apt 501, Toranto, Ontario, Canada M6B 1E6; 
72.   Stratton, Eugene Aubrey,  Plymouth Colony Its History & People 1620-1691,  (Salt Lake City, UT: Ancestry Incorporated, 1986) 
73.   Sutton, Polly Rachel McGaughey,  Descendants of William and Margaret McGaughey (Settled in York County, PA. 1740),  (Quintella Printing Co., Oklahoma City, OK 1984.254 pages including an index. A nicely written genealogy which looks well researched, despite the source documentation for most items not being indicated. There are 35 reference items cited, most being county histories or wills. In her forward she acknowledge Hester Grier McGaughey, who had previously collect numerous records from "court houses, vital statistics, libraries, newspapers, cemeteries, Bibles, from memories of people, . . correspondece". Hester McGaughey never published her work, which Sutton relied and supplemented. Sutton was a state librarian for the Oklahoma chapter of the D.A.R.) 
74.   Taylor, Dora Ann Editor,  History of Lucas and Simison Families,  (An apparently self published book with no place or date. Poorly organized and lacking sources, it is nonetheless a credible genealogy apparently based primarily on family records, with some gravestone inscriptions, and a variety of source documents primarily associated with the Kerr and Elder families. Contains a letter of Isaac Lucas b.1759 and Isaac Lucas b.1811 (son of Isaac's son Ezra) found nowhere else.) 
75.   Thurston, Charles Myrick,  Descendants of Edward Thurston, the first of the name in the colony of Rhode Island,  (1868; Trow & Smith Book Mfg Co; NY) 
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81.   U.S. Department of Commerce,  1880 Census of the United States,  (As found on website. Official enumeration date is as of 1 Jun 1880.) 
82.   U.S. Department of Commerce,  1900 Census of the United States,  (As found on website. Official enumeration date is 1 Jun 1900.) 
83.   U.S. Department of Commerce,  1910 Census of the United States,  (As found on website. Official enumeration date is as of 15 Apr 1910.) 
84.   U.S. Department of Commerce,  1920 Census of the United Sates,  (As found on website. Official enumeration date is as of 1 Jan 1920.) 
85.   U.S. Department of Commerce,  1920 Census of the United States,  (As found on website. Official enumeration date is as of 1 Jan 1920.) 
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87.   Van Wood, Ralph,  Mayflower Families through Five Generations - Vol. 12, Francis Cooke,  (General Society of Mayflower Descendants; Plymouth MA; 1996.) 
88.   Various Authors,  U.S. National Archives and Records Administration,  (Files on all military personnel from the Revolutionary War period (when everyone was a 'volunteer' and not a member of an official government military organization) through WWI. Files are available at the Archives library in Washington DC, by mail, or online at Information on securing files is also online.) 
89.   Various Staff,  Long Prairie Leader / Todd County Argus,  (Long Prairie dealt with local news, the Argus with County wide. Prob weeklies. The Leader published a series of biographies in the 1930's and 1940's. Contained obituaries weddings etc. Names include Jonas Booth, Zaval Booth, Justina Booth, Elvira Booth, the Fullers and Taylors, many other relatives and children. Carol Ross graciously provided many of the 100+ year old obituaries.) 
90.   Various Town Clerks,  Vital Records of Bridgewater, Massachusetts to the Year 1850. Births, Marriages, and Deaths. 2 Volumes,  (NEHGS, Boston MA; 1916. Found online in 'Family & Local Histories' Collection.) 
91.   Various Town Clerks,  Vital Records of Dartmouth, Massachusetts to the Year 1850. Births, Marriages, Deaths. 3 Volumes,  (New England Historic Genealogical Society; Boston MA; 1929-1930.) 
92.   Various Town Clerks.,  Bristol Co., Massachusesetts Probate Records,  (Available on numerous LDS microfilms. Someone took the time to arrange most of the records alphabetically, so one need not first use an index to locate the correct year.) 
93.   Various,  LDS International Genealogical Index,  (Record submitted by an LDS member with no source indicated. It should be regarded as requiring further proof. Found at 
94.   Various,  New England Historical and Genealogical Record,  (A quarterly publication of the New England Historic Genealogical Society, the first issue published in 1847. Considered an authoritative and well documented source, with all articles carefully reviewed prior to publication by professional genealogists. Available online 1847-2000 at ( 
95.   Various,  Pilgrim Genealogies and Histories, 1600s-1900s,  (A database, compiled from a variety of sources, available online or in a CD form.) 
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97.   Wakefield, Robert S.,  Mayflower Families Through Five Generations : Volume 18 : Family of Richard Warren,  (General Society of Mayflower Descendants; Plymouth MA; 2001-2004. Parts I (Four Generations, Revised 2001) and III (5th Generation of Abigail, Nathaniel and Joseph only)) 
98.   Wakefield, Robert S.,  Mayflower Families Through Five Generations : Volume 7 (Second Edition) : Family of Peter Brown,  (General Society of Mayflower Descendants; Plymouth MA; 2002) 
99.   Warden, Rex and Pat,,  Worden - Welcome to the Peter Worden Family Genealogy Web Page!,  (A well documented website with a Worden genealogy back to Peter I and before. Includes numerous references and citations as well as commentary. URL is The site's sources include Oliver Norton Worden's 1868 'Some Records of Persons by the Name of Worden', George Boltonís book 'Worden Origins', and the quarterly 'Wordens Past', a newsletter published by Worden Family Association.) 
100.   Westgate, Alice W. A.; Revised by Ann T. Reeves,  Mayflower Families Through Five Generations : Volume 19 : Family of Thomas Rogers,  (General Society of Mayflower Descendants; Plymouth MA; 2000) 
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